Full Service Tax Filing

We offer full service real tax preparation, including real estate property tax, for personal and business clients. When it comes to income tax return filing, we focus on accuracy and integrity. We start with a detailed interview and ensure that your business or individual tax return is based on facts and documentation. When complete, we schedule a wrap up appointment with you to review your income tax return(s) completely.  Our pricing is straightforward and reasonable. High prices, gimmicks, hidden fees, extra service charges, etc, that's not us. ** we do not offer refund loans, or deduct fees from refunds.**

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Personal Taxes

Our tax system is based on a pay-as-you-go system. This means you are obligated to pay the taxes as you earn the income. As an employee, taxes are collected via payroll deductions. If you are self-employed person, you are required to make estimated tax payments. We take the time to explain this process so you can plan accordingly.

Business Taxes

Business taxes are also based on a pay-as-you-go system as income is earned.  Depending on the type of business, additional federal and state taxes may be required.  To avoid fines, penalties and interest, tax liability planning is essential.  We explain what needs to be done and help you manage this area of your business. 

Back Tax-years(s), Multi-State, Non-Resident, International, Amendments, etc

Back taxes, multiple states, non-resident, international employment income are all part of the services we offer.  If you need to correct an income tax return? We can prepare an amendment for you.    

Specialty Taxes

We take great pride in providing our customers with exceptional tax preparation services. This includes specialty tax preparation such as, Estimated, GE, TAT, HARPTA,  FARPTA, etc

Tax Support

IRS Letters, Hawaii Dept. of Taxation Letters, Audit Notifications,  Tax Clearance Letters. We can help you respond and review your options. 

Hawaii General Excise Taxes

If you do business in Hawaii, you are required to pay Hawaii general excise taxes on specific intervals. Many businesses and individuals struggle with this requirement and get into trouble.  Are you aware that you may qualify for a reduced rate or exemptions and pay less tax.  Need a GE License, we will show you the correct way to apply. 

Hawaii Accommodations and Transient Tax

If you operate a short- term/vacation rental in Hawaii, you are required to pay TAT taxes in addition to GE taxes in specific intervals. Just like GE taxes, many individuals need assistance with this type of tax preparation.

Estimated Taxes

Our tax system is based on a pay-as-you-go system. You are obligated to pay taxes as you earn the income. In general if your tax liability is greater than $1000, you must pay estimated taxes or risk fines and penalties. We can show you how to take care of this requirement efficiently and in a timely manner.   

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We take great pride in providing our customers with exceptional tax preparation services. Our qualified and detail-oriented professionals will exceed your expectations through accurate, competitive, and friendly service.  We don't judge, instead we help taxpayers work with their tax challenges.