How Tax Fraud Impacts You!

When you think about tax fraud or tax evasion, everyone thinks of blatant examples of deception that you read in the papers, hear on the radio or see on television.  In fact tax fraud comes in many forms and you as the taxpayer accept all the liability and risk when you deal with unscrupulous people.  How can someone guarantee a big refund? How can someone ensure that you wont get audited? The answer is they cannot!  Why would a preparer not sign the tax return they prepared? Why aren't they registered with the IRS?  Why cant they efile your taxes? Are they using IRS approved software?  

These are important questions to take into consideration before you choose your next tax preparer. Besides facing challenges associated with the pandemic, we also have to deal with all the fraud/scams launched at the general public during these difficult times.  

Ghost Tax Preparers

These individuals prepare tax returns for compensation and fail to provide their identity or identifying number on the tax return. Why would you trust someone to prepare your taxes and not sign the return they prepared? Are you aware that you will be held accountable for the information on your tax return?  (Read the fine print right above your signature area)

Black Market Tax Preparers

These individuals set up shop around tax time, They focus on taxpayers banking on a refund. They use all sorts of schemes to get you in the door, and also use schemes to inflate their pricing often tied to loans or a percentage of the refunds. They don't advertise, instead its all word of mouth on the street and desperate taxpayers in hopes of the biggest refund get caught in their traps. Unfortunately, if audited the taxpayer ends up with dire consequences. 


Concerned about prior year tax filings, Give us a call to review your tax return(s) in detail.  

An amendment gives you the opportunity to correct any errors reported on your tax return.  We can help you with this process